November 29, 2020

Earn money while watching cricket

I sometimes like to have a financial interest in cricket matches. It is not the method of Giles Clark or Salman Butt. My monetary interest in cricket matches does not mean that others stop watching cricket matches or know in advance what will happen in cricket matches.

It’s just a few cricket matches-the long ones-the ones that go all the week, well, so far the heart can be paralyzed very slightly. If there is no outside chance to scoop up the total fat, Bangladesh and Bangalore’s five-day bat-a-ton is not as attractive as the back-to-back performance of Klingon’s Der Ring de Niverungen There is none.

People say that the T20 is for young people with a goldfish attention span and the test match is for our adults. This is wrong. I was young before I was bitter, ironic, and better than a donut. During the summer vacation, I used up all the stupid things to do outside by the second week of August, so I threw my bike and collided with the sofa and tuned Tony Lewis and Jack Banister’s Sommo Rumble for several hours. Time is meaningless when young. But when you get wrinkled, it becomes a scarce resource that discourages you from wasting watchful men expelling risk-free runs on the dry pitch of the Gobi Desert. In other words, life is too short to see Alastair Cook bats.

Of course, history is my ally unless you get the top score on 4/1. Georgian cricket was all about gambling. Surasem will be angry at losing 10,000 guineas to Gout Sir in the “Guess the number of frogs in the bag” game, go double or do nothing in a one-inning game. The two teams will be bought, the bribe paid, the referees threatened, and the whole case will end with a drunk riot. Since then, cricket has gone downhill, but we can maintain those noble traditions and excite procedures by having strange bets. But what are you betting on? My favorite way to give my money to a crazy offshore company is to try to guess the top scorer.

This will help you see the game in a new light. For me, the fourth international day between Sri Lanka and New Zealand was not a unilateral and soggy non-event. It was a thrilling and emotional roller coaster in the afternoon, when Dinesh Chandimaru secured his reputation as the greatest Batman of the day. But sooner or later, all gamblers meet their nemesis. In my case: Bangladesh. The problem with Bangladesh is that No. 8, No. 9, and No. 10 are as likely to be top scores as No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3.

I exaggerate. But just slightly. Able Hasan’s century should be dust spots, not the third digit, so how do you explain the other types of innings that wiped the screen hard, especially at the age of 84, he bowled at that time I enjoyed the fact that I had repeatedly accused Fidel Edwards. Who didn’t smile after reading it? I don’t know what price Abul was in the top score, but I guess it featured a healthy string of zeros and very probably an exclamation point doing. If you choose him, feel free to add the word “cricket genius” to your email signature. If you are a Bangladeshi selector, give yourself a weekend vacation and a festive muffin. You won it.

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