November 29, 2020

How to download and play VIVO IPL 2019: Dream11 and make money during Indian Premier League 2019.

The Indian Premier League 2019 is just three days away, and excitement for cricket fans nationwide is the best ever. Known as the summer annual festival, VIVO IPL 2019 promises to be another action-packed, high-octane season. However, while there are major sections of fans who enjoy cricket, there are thousands of fans who carefully monitor the game on their mobile phone. This is due to the rising trend of fantasy cricket. On Friday, March 15th, we participated in the Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI) and announced Dream11 as an official partner of the Indian Premier League.

When the IPL 2019 season begins on Saturday, March 23, a four-year contract will begin. This contract also means that the official fantasy game of IPL will be powered by an esports game company. The spectator follows the tournament closely, but some people pin your wishes to fantasy crickets, especially Dream11, and help them earn something a bit on the side. Fantasy Cricket is basically an online game that allows users to create a fantasy team of cricket players participating in the tournament, in this case, IPL 2019.

How players perform in the field and when they earn points in the end, these points determine their performance relative to other players in the league. One such game that can show off your expertise is Dream11. One of the best parts about the game is that you can not only participate in the fantasy league, but also make money (many of it) if you play it correctly.

What is Dream 11?
Lately, there was a lot of talk about Dream11 and how to earn money just by playing it correctly. Dream11 is the same as other fantasy cricket games, but you can earn money by joining an existing league and paying an admission fee. Dream11 allows users to participate in any game by creating a team of 11 members. These fantasy matches are just an extension of what is actually happening during IPL 2019.

When you create a team and join a league, the table will continue to change according to the player’s performance in the match. This will ultimately determine how much money you will earn after joining the league. Your goal is to earn more than what you invested and we will also tell you how to make money smart while playing Dream11 during IPL 2019.

How to download and set up a Dream11 account in time for IPL 2019
To play this highly addictive fantasy cricket game, you must first sign up for a Dream11 account. Log on to and click Register in the upper right corner of the website. You can register from your Facebook or Gmail account, or you can enter all the details manually. After entering your email address and password, click [Register] to set. To participate in the cash contest, you must be at least 18 years old.

You will then need to enter your mobile phone number to verify your Dream11 account. Your one-time password will be sent to your phone number and your account will be verified. You can track your earnings and balance by opening the My Account tab. However, before you actually start making money, you need to submit a PAN card to confirm.

Upload the PAN card image, number, name, date of birth, and prefecture. It takes at least 7 days to verify the PAN card. Once it is complete, you can connect your bank account to withdraw money. However, it takes a week for the PAN card to be confirmed, but you can earn money by playing through Dream11, but you cannot withdraw money.

How to participate in the Dream 11 IPL 2019 Fantasy Cricket Contest
There is an option to play without including money, but in some games the stakes can be quite high. The beginning of the Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Contest is fairly easy. Log on to your Dream11 account and select one of the future matches. In this case, Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore Opener.

Once selected, the team must be created within the allocated 100-unit budget. Remember that you need to choose a wicket keeper, 3-5 Batman, 1-3 all-round, 3-5 bowler. Once this is done, you will need to select the team captain and secondary captain.

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