November 29, 2020

How to make money from cricket?

Today, cricket is not only a popular source of entertainment, but also a means to make money for most people. There are two main practices that can help you make money from cricket. These are live betting and fantasy cricket betting.

Live betting

Initially, people indulged in live betting and earned money from cricket. People are used to monitor live matches and bet on players. Depending on the performance of the players they bet, people earned or lost money. Since it was one of the most enjoyable leisure activities, more and more people began to indulge in this practice. Live betting is a traditional form of betting. Here you bet on a single ball or over result as the game progresses, not the whole game. Since this form of betting revenue was very limited, the new concept of betting has evolved.

Fantasy cricket betting

Fantasy cricket betting is a modern day of making money with cricket. This ideology overcame the limitations of live betting and made it much more exciting and interesting for players. There are several platforms where you can participate in fantasy cricket betting and start making money. Rules and rules are easy to understand.

Fantasy Cricket Betting introduces players to a whole new level of gaming experience. Players are given the opportunity to create their own teams by selecting their favorite players. Players do not have to be part of a single team. If the players selected by the team look good in live matches, you can earn points. The reward system is depending on the player’s performance. You can choose the type of match to bet, such as a T20 match or a one-day international (ODI) match. Keep the game format in mind when choosing a player.

Fantasy cricket betting revenue is much higher than live betting, which is why most people are switching from live betting to fantasy cricket. There are various parameters you can choose for betting on fantasy cricket. The most common are:

Statistics-Most people bet on stats when it comes to fantasy cricket betting, like who is going to make the biggest run in a tournament, who hits the maximum number of boundaries and who takes the biggest wicket.

Tournament-This parameter calculates the overall result and performance of the team. If all players on your team play well in live matches, your score will be higher than the other teams. If you have the highest score of all, you are going to win the tournament and earn a good amount of money.

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